Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick


Bourjois Rouge Edition in Fraise Remix (11)

I bought this lipstick with a hint of trepidation. The woman I sit beside in work had one on her desk and I asked her whether she thought I’d get away with such a bright colour or if I’d look like some kind of 1980s, Cindy Lauper throwback. She’s a professional make-up artist, so when she told me that the colour would complement my fair skin and pink cheeks, I figured she must know what she’s talking about.

I was still a little anxious when I bought it though. Despite being a drugstore brand this lipstick is still pricey, and at €10.99 it would have been a particular waste of money if it had wound up being too pink or too tacky and relegated to a drawer in my bedroom for the next 12 months. But even though I only bought this last Thursday, I’ve worn it everyday since and am so far really happy with the colour. I’ve tried pale pinks and light corals before and all of these have given me a washed out look as well as being several shades lighter than my natural lip colour, calling for lip liners – an absolute no-no in my books.


Anyhow when I bought this lipstick I sort of expected it to be slightly more corally but instead it’s a very vibrant pink that’s also incredibly pigmented. For something that’s so bright however, I love that I can apply it quite liberally and not have to stress about drenching my lips in too much colour or needing to use a lip brush to keep it from looking over the top.

As for staying power, well, many lipsticks claim that they have a ridiculous amount of the stuff. Personally, my view is that if I find it difficult to sleep for more than 6 hours a night, how can my lipstick be expected to hack six hours of eating, drinking, talking, biting my nails and whatever other run-of-the-mill things my mouth does over the day? It doesn’t seem possible, so while this one lasts about two hours before a quick re-app is needed, I think that’s about standard.

Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase. I think the colour really works with my skin tone and it isn’t sparkly (yuck!) or drying (groan) although if you’ve dry lips this might exacerbate any flakiness. I can definitely see me using this and continuing to like it although I think I might try and invest in a similar colour from Mac, which I imagine would have an hour or so additional staying power and wouldn’t have that perfume-y budget lipstick smell, which, to be fair, isn’t that strong in this case.