Portlandia Top 5

I’ll skip the part where I mention that I liked Portlandia’s theme track  aaages before I watched the series and go straight to linking my favourite clips. That way when I ask “Have you seen Portlandia?” followed by an out-of-context quote, you’ll be more than covered. I got your back.

1) “Hey, I guess you’re never texting me back, so I’m annulling our friendship. Bye!”

I’m one of those people who’s had an iPhone for more than two years and who treats it like it like a small and delicate child. It doesn’t have a cover but leads a scratch-free existence. My stomach nose-dives everytime I watch this scene. I’d probably vomit if I dropped my iPhone.

2) “It’s kind of a house but it’s kind of falling apart? I think that describes your life right now, honey.”

One of my favourite clips right here.

3) “Does my voice sound fat?”

My favourite food is pasta. I constantly ask people if they think my face is getting fat and I once wondered if my voice sounded like a fat person voice or a thin person voice on the phone. Basically this is me:

4) “Did you read that thing in Mother Jones about eco-chairs and eco-ways to sit?”

5) “Imagine a Portland with 100% employment? A Portland where we all have jobs!”

A little tea came out of my nose when I saw this.


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