Pumpkins and Politics

Some people will do anything for money. Last week, Eric Hartsburg (supererico if you’re on twitter), received $15,000 after he had the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney’s blue and red ‘R’ tattooed to the side of his head.


Eric also has his name tattooed across his neck, presumably in case he forgets it.

While Hartsburg’s decision was lucrative (I guess), I preferred the Obama-Romney pumpkins which mushroomed across Google over Halloween and which were far more creative, a lot more fun (and easier to erase!) than Hartsburg’s tattoo.

Inevitably, here are some of my favourites:

Why carve a pumpkin on land when you can do it underwater?Mitt Romney (carved underwater!) by Cat Bureau

This pumpkin was carved in 2010 but I like to think it’s watching (and worrying) over tonight’s election results (carved by Ray Villafane).

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